Electrical characteristics:
Total resistance:R>=250K Omega[ +/-30%
Rated power: 0.05W
Maximum operating voltage: A.C 50V D.C 10V
Rotational noise: less than 100mV
Insulation resistance: more than 100M Omega[ at 250V DC
Withstand voltage: 1 minute at 300V AC
Mechanical characteristics:
Total rotation angle: 300o +/-5Degree
Rotation torque: 30 to 250gf.cm
Rotation stopper strength: 5Kgf.cm minimum
Push-pull strength:
Pull:800gf ,maximum
Push: 800gf ,maximum at 10sec
Rotational lifespan: 15,000 (cycles minimum)
Insulated shaft: black, transparent
With LED: blue, Lawngreen, red, orange and Darkorange

  Datasheet (PDF) 1.7 M  2020-11-30